What we do

For the past 15 years, National Inventory Data has been focused on establishing a comfort zone for its clients in which it is possible to enjoy full and total control over their asset portfolios.

This is a unique business model whereby the client’s asset portfolio can be captured, photographed, evaluated and managed in accordance with the customer’s needs and/or specifications. This facilitates the proof of ownership and value of those assets that have been recorded and can stand the customer in good stead when it comes to insurance claims. NID specializes in the documentation and recording of personal and/or company assets. We are also experienced in the fields of property valuations, short-term insurance and the handling of short-term insurance claims.

NID identified an intrinsic need in the market for professional, personal, corporate, small to medium-sized enterprises and commercial farming assets and risk management. Based on this need identification, cutting edge solutions and applications were developed to seamlessly streamline these asset portfolios.

NID currently assists and manages a vast network of clients Nationwide.

Individual Market (Asset Inventory)

Every home should have short-term insurance cover on household contents. Very few homes have an accurate record of their contents resulting in individual home-owners being either over- or under-insured. NID applies a solution whereby the individual can accurately determine the value of his/her house contents, and by doing this, ensures that adequate cover is applied.
This will also prevent the application of averages – as is so often the case – when a claim does arise.

Commercial Market (Asset Inventory)

Commercial market inventories include small to medium-sized enterprises as well as larger corporate and commercial farming organizations, government organisations and municipalities. When NID manages assets on behalf of a customer, a fully functional Asset Management Team will be appointed to manage the customer’s assets. We will train and educate the customer’s staff in effective asset management as well as the proper usage of the software program. A project steering committee is established between NID and the customer, who meets on a monthly basis to discuss project progress, training needs, functionality of the management application/or any other requests that may arise.

National Inventory Data’s involvement is a prolonged process with total commitment to the customer’s needs and expectations.

Insurance Industry Market (Risk Assessments)

The Risk Assessment Division primarily covers the assessments of insured risks for the insurance industry, to establish the quality of the insured risk and to help with the correct ratings and handling of insurance claims in a speedy and efficient manner. Our risk survey improvement reports are aimed at the insured’s internal underwriting division and includes a summation of observations and information gathered during the time of the survey. The purpose of these reports is to provide the insurer with the correct information, to guide the client on how to provide maximal property and asset safety by focusing on asset risk exposure.

Performing a risk assessment will minimize the possibility of loss from fire and other insured perils and will ensure that problem risk areas identified during the survey are corrected.