Agricultural Risk Assessments

The Agricultural Risk Assessment comprises a detailed appraisal of farm conditions, with recommendations on procedures required to prevent and combat fire, liability and security risks.

 A thorough assessment of the type of farming operation, conditions and associated risks would include:

  •   Buildings – domestic dwellings, silo’s, barns, storage
  •   Processes – dairy, automated systems, production, storage of feed
  •   Water Supply
  •   Irrigation Systems – submersible pumps, pivots
  •   Waste Removal
  •   Stock – combustible stock & flammable liquids, hay, grain, fuel
  •   Livestock – DNA testing of stud animals
  •   Gates and Fencing
  •   Fire Protection – risks, hazards, firebreaks, firefighting equipment
  •   Vehicles and Implements – eg. harvesters, harvester beds, trailers, tractors
  •   Crop Insurance – crop claims assessments
  •   Geo-risk Information Report