NID has developed an asset management platform that allows its client’s to manage their own assets. This can be done at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The application is developed to assist the residential, commercial and industrial clients to document:

  • Movable assets with photographs
  • Movable asset management with barcode scanning function (Corporate and Commercial users)
  • Vehicles (Single and Fleet Management)
  • Building Valuation (Replacement Cost) on:
    • Residential dwellings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Industrial buildings
    • Body Corporates
    • Educational, Municipal and Health Institutions

The Application is developed in such a way that it works on all major platforms (android, IOS etc.) The App does not have to be installed on the device, as it is developed in HTML format (web based on any browser).

The Application is linked to our main servers, thus data is immediately and continually updated. Updated reports are then available.

Imagine buying a new television set. While they are busy processing your invoice, you log on to the NID App, update the new television set with images on your assets portfolio and before leaving the shop, the broker/insurance company is notified about the new purchase.

Corporate Clients will have the option to a complete asset management profile with the barcode and serial number scanning function.

Preferred Devices

Personal Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
7’’> Tablets

Preferred Browsers


Make sure you have enough data available on your device

Definitions in Application

Property The property is a piece of land with a valid address
Buildings A building is a structure with a roof and walls standing permanently in one place
Outbuilding A structure not connected with the primary residence on the same property. This may include a shed, garage, barn, cabana, pool house, or cottage etc.
Rooms/Offices A room is part of the inside of a building that is divided from other areas
Movable Assets Furniture, Electronics, Toys, Appliances, Artwork, Paintings, Jewellery, and etc.
Specified Assets A Specified asset is an item that is moved to and from the Risk Address on a regular base            
Claimed Items Is a request you make for compensation from your insurer if you suffer a loss.

Should you at any time have a claim (for example your television is stolen or broken etc.) you can log onto the App, find the television asset on your assets portfolio, flag the item as ‘claimed’, and NID will send you a claims report with the latest replacement value and where it is available.